Atex Mobile Phones

Atex Mobile Phones For Explosive Zones 1 e 2

without a doubt the best way to always be contactable and to warn of the danger when you access the hazardous explosive areas

If you have to access the explosive areas or if you are part of the maintenance team or project in pharmaceutical or chemical petrochemical industry so a mobile ATEX will be your ideal companion.

You will see later that this acquisition was one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Now you can use an Ex small, easy to use, low cost that allows you to communicate and warns you automatically in case of danger the central control, when you access the explosive areas

  • Mobile ATEX to communicate in areas 1 and 2 Ex gas and dust
  • Let you always be contactable on your factory
  • In case of detection, warns of the danger and of the crash site
  • Small size and easy to operate
  • Frequencies 2 g GSM, GPRS, Quad Band 3 G for use on all continents
  • May include photographic camera Ex-2 MP
  • Very robust, water proof and shock proof
  • Approvals for Ex zone 1 zone 2 of gas and dust

Probably the best ATEX Mobile phone in the market today!

How to be always contactable in explosive areas of petrochemical plants and other industries?

In areas with the possibility of release of flammable gases and toxic gases, the risk of accidents is high. And this may be the case in many areas in Petrochemical, Chemical, Pharmaceutical Industry and other industrial processes.

In these Hazardous areas, the sole operation of receiving a call or taking a photograph, you can generate an explosion followed by a fire. It is therefore prohibited to use mobile phones and cameras in these areas.

For these hazardous areas were developed the mobile phone Advantage and Challenger, so you can always be contactable, localizable and safe.

For situations of extreme danger, the phone has a mobile sensor that gives an alarm and warns the central, when there is no movement by more than a certain period of time. With the GPS program you can work for localization of vehicles with dangerous goods or in locating people in dangerous areas.

These mobile phones are small size, extreme ruggedness, waterproof and dust and can be handled with gloves.

They are suitable for the harshest industrial conditions.



The mobile ADVANTAGE has ATEX II2G/2D and is ideal for accessing classified zones – zone 1 dust and gas, incorporating the “protection of isolated man”, the photographic camera and a large storage capacity. It has protection IP67, GSM connection – Quad band/3G, Photo 2 MP Camera with video, long-lasting battery, Blotooth, small size 125 x 63 x 21 mm and weight of 180 g.

includes accessories, battery, charger, headset, USB cable

Technical Details




The CHALLENGER has ATEX II 3g and is ideal for accessing Hazardous Areas zone 2 gas and dust, is extremely robust, waterproof and dust with IP54 protection and with even smaller dimensions (115x53x23 mm and weight of 142 g), with long battery life, leisure, pointing GSM triband 900/1800/1900: and autonomy up to 450 hours,talk time up to 5 hours .

Includes all accessories (battery, USB cable, headset, charger and manual)

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The ATEX Zone 1/21 and IP67 certified INNOVATION 1.0 is a fully robust enterprise Smartphone. Dust- and waterproof and shock-resistant, it is designed for professional use.

The INNOVATION 1.0 with GPS and motion sensor is suitable for lone worker protection applications

The front and rear cameras enable the use as a mobile video camera, while the user can pass the recordings in real time over the internet.

The INNOVATION 1.0 also has Push To Talk functionality

The extremely lightweight and ergonomic designed Smartphone provides the user with immediate access to business applications, E-mail account and any other information needed. No matter where or when, even in explosion hazardous areas Zone 1/21.

With the INNOVATION 1.0 it is possible to connect all users in the company – no matter what area of working they are in – to the existing IT infrastructure.

The INNOVATION 1.0 is designed for use by industry customers, who need access to their existing IT infrastructure to control processes, look up documentation or calibrate field devices. The Nucleus operating system allows easy application development and the use of commercially available standard programs. It provides companies with an easily integrated and cost effective solution. It helps to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) during the development of applications.

Includes all accessories (battery, USB cable, headset, charger and manual)

Technical Details

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PS: With the ADVANTAGE-probably the best mobile phone ever developed for ATEX Zone 1 and with the CHALLENGER for zone 2, you shall always be contactable by phone even in hazardous explosive areas where you need more. They are small, very easy to operate, water and dust proof and represent the ideal companion for the operation in the petrochemical industry, oil platforms, chemical, pharmaceutical, Biofuel, Brewery, food and Water.